Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy tells you how we (Qareer) use the private informations collected in Qareer. By using Qareer, you are receiving all the activities explained in this Privacy Policy page.

What do we do with your data?

Informations about you are used to:

  • Make sure that services of Qareer provided effectively for you and your computer.
  • Give informations that we consider important for you.
  • Call you if needed.
  • Qareer reserves the right to share the username if necessary.

Use of Cookie

One of the technologies we use is HTTP Cookie (Cookie). By using Cookie, your browser will store little file inside your computer. On some browsers, user can forbid the use of Cookie so there will no files stored in your computer. However, we don't suggest you to forbid the use of Cookie in Qareer because some features may won't work properly.

If you're worried to store a file in your computer that will lead you to not anonymous, we suggest you still allow the use of Cookie and clear all Cookie of Qareer after accessing Qareer.

Use of Third Parties Service

Qareer use the services of third parties for providing the best service for you. These third parties are (but not limited to) LinkedIn and Google. These third parties may have their own privacy policy which is different from Qareer do.

The informations got from the third parties (e.g. your name from LinkedIn) will never be related to your contribution in Qareer to keep you anonymous; unless required by applicable law.

Disclosure of Private Information

Your private information will be disclosed to the third parties if:

  • Required by applicable law. For example, if the third party is law enforment officer who ask a request based on the applicable law. Or
  • Qareer gets acquired by the third party, in this case all the Qareer user data is part of the system of Qareer which get acquired by the third party. Or
  • By not giving any informations which can be identified or can refer to some certain individual. For example, we can disclose the number of users that are between 20 and 30 years old, but we won't the name of those users.

Change of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy can be changed any time, without giving any informations beforehand. By still using Qareer after the privacy policy changed, you are stating that you agree to get all the things in that privacy policy change.